Food in our current American world, bases itself on the fast, immediate and money saving meals, and unfortunately the fast food industry caught on and have had over 99 billion served.  What people have forgotten is that with cheap and fast food, the food is compromised as it no longer serves foods’ main purpose which is to feed our bodies with vitamins and nutrients it deserves to keep you running at tip-top shape.  ​Nowadays food has changed. The way we cook eat, the way we eat and the way it "talks" to our bodies.  Food is different and we need to step back and try to see where it all went wrong.  

  Le Café came from the premise that we can change the way we eat.  One of the main reasons we wanted to change our realtionship with food is because of our owner Danielle’s own health battles, which cultivated the seed to create such an environment within Le cafe that focuses on organic healthy eating.  Through her healing journey, Danielle discovered that big pharma was making  things worse and armed only with medications on top of medications to heal (aka: cover-up), she felt like she was losing control.  Armed with the strength to take control of her own health, Danielle became a Holistic Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.  A holistic approach to health, doesn’t just focus on food, but also all the other areas of life that can support and nourish our overall health, like our career, our spirituality, our relationships, and our environment.  Everything we eat, either feeds disease or keep it to the curb.  

As it seems, Le Café has been a idea brewing in Danielle's mind and molded by the woman in her life since childhood.  Danielle was born and raised in the north suburbs of Chicago, from Greek immigrant parents who taught her the valuable skills necessary to begin her own career in the food business.  Danielle's earliest memories were in the kitchen armed with a spatula and wrapped up in a too-big-adult-size apron, standing beside her Mom, Pam and Grandmother, making "koulouria" a ("Greek biscuit cookie").   After completing her college career at DePaul, Danielle was still standing beside her Mom and Grandmother baking up even more "koulouria", so she went on to further hone in on her skills at the French Pastry School in Chicago, IL.  After pastry school, Danielle joined Sharin Nathan, owner of Sweets Sensations Pastry who was former assistant pastry chef at Charlie Trotter.  It was there that Danielle gained the experience and courage to open her own shop in Lincoln Square.  She opened Le Café Restaurant and Bakery in 2012.  We were a vibrant pillar in the community for 8 years , but Danielle got the opportunity to team up with independently owned grocery stores to open Le Café: Coffeeshop and Bakery, so we moved.  Le Café then had two physical locations in Buena Park and Sheridan Park, as well as commissary kitchen where Danielle and her mom baked everything daily for 3 years until both physical locations were closed in Dec 2020.  After Danielle had taken some time away from working, the customers' requests for our cookies have not stopped and we are beyond humbled.  Le Café is now an online bakery marketplace where we specialize in all natural handmade organic cookies and are now offering local pickup and local drop-off as well as nationwide delivery.  We are in the process of working on a new venture so stay tuned for our next physical location!  

"I started Le Café to take the guesswork out for people.  You can rest assured that I have your back when it comes to eating a cookie thats actually healthy for you.  We don't comprise on taste, only chemicals!"

Danielle ♥