Our Story

Le Café

Food in our current American world, bases itself on the fast, immediate and money saving meals, and unfortunately the fast food industry caught on and have had over 99 billion served.  What people have forgotten is that with cheap and fast food, the food is compromised as it no longer serves foods’ main purpose which is to feed our bodies with vitamins and nutrients it deserves to keep you running at tip-top shape.  ​Nowadays food has changed. The way we cook eat, the way we eat and the way it "talks" to our bodies.  Food is different and we need to step back and try to see where it all went wrong.  

  As the owner of Le Café, Danielle’s own health battles have cultivated the seed of creating such an environment within Le cafe to focus on organic healthy eating, where we have something for everyone.  Through her healing journey, Danielle discovered that big pharma was making  things worse and armed only with medications on top of medications to heal (aka: cover-up), she felt like she was losing control.  Armed with the strength to take control of her own health, Danielle became a Holistic Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.  A holistic approach to health, doesn’t just focus on food, but also all the other areas of life that can support and nourish our overall health, like our career, our spirituality, our relationships, and our environment. 


Danielle was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago, from Greek immigrant parents who taught her the valuable skills necessary to begin her own career in the food business.  Danielle’s father, who currently owns Cermak Produce #2, let her manage his front office while going to school, and from there created the foundation to become a business owner herself.  While Danielle was studying to be a research psychologist at DePaul University she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  From then on her focus became food.  Coming from a traditional Greek family where pasta and bread was served at every meal, Danielle’s focus turned to gluten free baking and pastries.  She went on to further hone in on her skills at the French Pastry School in Chicago, IL. There she learned she had a passion for desserts and knack for making them.  After pastry school, Danielle joined Sharin Nathan, owner of Sweets Sensations Pastry who was former assistant pastry chef at Charlie Trotter.  It was there that Danielle gained the experience and courage to open her own shop in Lincoln Square.  She opened Le Café Restaurant and Bakery in 2012.  We were a vibrant pillar in the community for 8 years when Danielle got the opportunity to team up with Go Grocer, an independently owned organic convenience shop with 10+ locations, to open Le Café: Coffeeshop and Bakery.    Le Café has two physical locations, a commissary kitchen where Danielle bakes everything daily, as well as items sold exclusively to Go Grocer. Check us out and tag us @lecafechicago